The Daily Telegraph’s Questor picked Augmentum as the investment trust tip of 2019…

“Questor’s investment trust pick of the year, which we name today, aims to buy assets with the potential for “exponential growth”. Those assets are stakes in “disruptive” start-up companies that have found new ways to offer financial services to consumers and business customers. Such firms are sometimes described as “fintech” companies and the investment trust that focuses on finding the best of them is called Augmentum Fintech.

The management team has decades of experience in private equity and as a result possesses the extensive networks of contacts crucial to getting access to the right potential investments. It’s not just a question of access to opportunities, however; it’s vital to be discriminating about which ones you actually invest in. The Augmentum team’s record suggests that they are just that. Over the investment period of the precursor portfolio, more than 1,100 leads were whittled down to only seven investments.

“Given the depth of opportunities for fintech business, the team can be selective in its investments, isolating only those that have the greatest potential to generate multiples of invested capital” said Peel Hunt, which is Augmentum Fintech’s broker

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