Augmentum featured in IG’s article on the ten UK fintech stocks that can help you gain exposure to the fintech sector.

“The UK is a hub for fintech, but most companies remain in private hands. We outline ten UK fintech stocks that can help you gain exposure to this fast-growing sector.”

Augmentum Fintech is the only UK-listed venture capital investor that solely concentrates on fintech. The fund is over £130 million in size and it has interests in many of the hot fintech companies that remain in private hands, such as mortgage lender Habito, business bank tide, and peer-to-peer lending firm Zopa. The rest of its portfolio is made up of investments in UK mobile bank Monese, online investment service interactive investor, German tech subscription business Grover, and Bullionvault, which allows people to buy gold, silver and platinum online.

Augmentum is one of the best ways for investors to gain exposure to the majority of fintech businesses that they can’t invest in directly.”

Read the full article here

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