We are delighted to welcome Fareedah Daranijo to our team, as our Digital Marketing & Operations Assistant. Prior to joining Augmentum, Fareedah studied Business and Management at university and conducted various placements across sales, marketing and project management, including with Bosch in Germany. Get to know her in our latest “Meet the Team” feature…

Why were you interested in joining Augmentum?
I knew that by joining Augmentum, I would be able work somewhere where I could have an impact and be directly involved in the growth of the company. I liked the sound of the team’s company culture and the opportunity to work with like-minded people that are talented and passionate about what they do, as well as priding themselves on their tight-knit culture. There is also room for growth and taking on new responsibilities with my new role.

What are you most looking forward to working on as our new Digital Marketing & Operations Assistant?
I am excited to deepen my knowledge of the VC ecosystem and fintech industry first-hand. With the industry being one of the UK’s strongest and fastest-growing sectors, there is a lot to discover about how technology can be used to help improve the financial services sector; Covid-19 has played a huge role in the willingness of people to use digital payments as just one example. I am also looking forward to broadening my experience as a digital marketer as I will have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities, allowing me to develop my skillset.

Who inspires you?
I tend to find inspiration in a variety of people. Whilst on my placement year at Robert Bosch I was given great career advice on the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone to experience new opportunities. Although tackling new tasks or projects may have been daunting at first, it allowed me to try new things that I was not comfortable with at first and in turn led to developing my skillset. I am also inspired by people who are passionate about doing things that makes them happy.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love travelling and learning about different cities and cultures – this is one of the reasons why I took my placement year in Germany. I was able to learn vital skills within the working environment as well as exploring different towns and neighbouring countries.

I also believe it’s important to help out the local community. Whilst at university I participated in collecting sanitary products for homeless women in Birmingham city centre.

What are you most looking forward to doing post-lockdown?
I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family outside, and enjoying what London has to offer in the Summer months. I hope this will include going to as many restaurants and food markets as I possibly can!

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