Augmentum Capital | Invcesting in fast growing disruptive businesses

Augmentum Investing in Fast Growinf FinTechBusinesses

We invest in...

Exceptional, fast growing UK and European FinTech businesses at Series A and B investment stage. We invest in ambitious and extraordinary entrepreneurs who we believe have the potential to become leaders in their industry.

Our philosophy is...

To never compromise on the quality of our investments. As the UK’s only publicly listed fintech fund we have a unique flexibility to be opportunistic in our investments and invest for the long term, unrestrained by conventional fund dynamics.

Our partnering style is…

To be actively involved with our portfolio companies without getting in the way of our management teams. We focus on the important issues, and try help our management teams do the same and not get distracted by details.

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Our porfolio
our portfolio
our portfolio

Augmentum Capital adds value immediately

“Tim and Richard have gone and set out their stall very clearly on which sectors they can bring their considerable entrepreneurial experience to bear and add real value, which they did immediately.”

Giles Andrews, Co-founder and Chairman, Zopa

FinTech Specialists

“Tim and Richard have built up a wealth of experience in FinTech, and their ability to share insights and lessons from elsewhere in the space – and from their long and successful commercial careers – is hugely valuable to Seedrs.”

Jeff Lynn, Founder, Seedrs

Augmentum Capital like good businesses and do simple deals

“They came in on the same terms as me – as an equity partner. Tim’s got entrepreneur’s blood in his veins, and helps enormously.”

Paul Tustain, Founder, BullionVault

Augmentum provide insight and capital to help us achieve ambitious growth targets

“Tim is an invaluable member of our Board, bringing the perspective of a proven digital marketer and entrepreneur, and not just merely an investor.”

Richard Wilson, CEO, Interactive Investor

The true test of a relationship comes after the documents have been signed

“Augmentum Capital have partnered with management and have delivered exactly what they have promised – support, guidance and true long term vision.”

Neil Puri, Founder & CEO, SRL Global


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