25. August 2020

Business Insider: 7 Hottest Lawtech Startups to Watch in 2020

Augmentum portfolio company Farewill featured in Business Insider’s “7 Hottest Lawtech Startups to Watch in 2020” article.

Why it’s hot in 2020: “Farewill helps sort out legally binding wills and probate from the comfort of their own home, quickly, easily and sensitively, while removing the expense and hassle of seeing a solicitor in person. [It has] seen significant growth through Covid, writing 12,000 wills a month now the biggest will writer in the country, and expanding into additional end of life service,” says Swallow. 

Tim Levene, CEO of VC Augmentum, adds that “death is the biggest financial event of one’s lifetime yet it is surrounded by a legal process that has changed little over the years.”

“The industry is perceived as unwelcoming, expensive and consuming however Farewill has genuinely disrupted this market, and it is the first to effectively do so at any scale. They now write one in 25 wills that are written in the UK, but with only 2% of the market online and 60% of UK adults without a will there is a significant need for further digital disruption and innovation beyond will writing.”

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