Last month we hosted Sivert Rossnes Foss, a student from world-renowned Oslo-based BI Norwegian Business School, for a week-long internship. Learn about the projects and events Sivert got involved in below:

This Summer I was given the opportunity to intern at fintech-focused VC Augmentum for a week. When I arrived Monday morning after meeting everybody at the office, I sat down with Akash, a member of the investment team who I worked with most closely during my internship. He gave me an overview of venture capital, the fintech industry and Augmentum. Afterwards, I joined the wider investment team in their weekly investment committee meeting, discussing what was going on with the portfolio companies and potential new investment opportunities. This was a perfect way to start the week because I got to know the team better and was more up to speed with the team’s priorities, which set me up for more success for the rest of the week.

Throughout the week, I had several research projects. My two favourite projects were researching the cryptocurrency space and how this might affect the wider fintech industry in the future and mapping key companies in a specific geography of interest to Augmentum. I also got to join a meeting with Crisis Venture Studio, a charitable organisation working to end homelessness through entrepreneurship that Augmentum supports, which was very inspiring.

I learnt a lot from my research. The main takeaway is how fast the fintech industry is moving. Founders utilising new technology or finding ways to do things faster, cheaper and simpler than before, leading to companies growing from just ideas to multimillion pound companies in a short time. This not only confirmed but surpassed my expectations about the industry in a significant way.

Augmentum also hosted a social event inviting investors from other VC firms, founders of fintechs and various other people from the industry, that I was also able to attend. I met so many compelling people at this event; speaking with founders of fintech start-ups, learning about their companies’ growth, and seeing how motivated and excited they were truly inspiring.

If I could give one piece of advice to people on getting the most out of an internship, it would be to ask questions about everything you don’t understand or want to learn more about. My knowledge about fintech going into this internship was very limited, but I feel like I learned a lot in a short time by asking many questions.

This leads me to write about my favourite part of the internship: the people I worked with at Augmentum. Everybody was so friendly and when I had any questions, took the time to explain and discuss them with me. This resulted in me learning a lot there and made my week an overall great experience. I want to end this by saying thank you to Augmentum for the opportunity and everybody I worked with for making my week an excellent experience. It was exciting to learn about the fintech industry, and I wish them all the best in the future.

We wish Sivert every success in his final year of his studies and for what comes next.

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Georgie Hazell

Georgie heads up engagement at Augmentum, which involves supporting portfolio companies, engaging with investors and the wider fintech ecosystem (including marketing and events), and supporting the team internally.

Georgie has worked in a number of startups across people, strategy and growth leadership positions. Following her MBA and a consultancy project with Crowdcube, Georgie moved into venture capital.

Passionate about diversity and inclusion, particularly in VC and entrepreneurship, Georgie founded women in tech network Elevate, led on UK expansion for Her Campus Media, volunteers with Diversity VC and mentored with The Girls Network.

Ellen Logan

Ellen is an Investor at Augmentum. She previously worked at OC&C Strategy Consultants and at HR analytics startup Bunch, after studying Economics at the University of Edinburgh. Ellen has a particular interest in emerging technologies such as the digital asset economy and alternative payment methods.

Outside of the office she spends her time practicing yoga, experimenting in the kitchen and exploring the art galleries of London.

Learn more about Ellen in her ‘Meet the Team’ blog here

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Sofia Wiecko

Sofia oversees the financial and administrative operations at Augmentum and has over 15 years’ experience in financial accounting.

Believing in giving back to the community, Sofia is active in a number of local charities.

Hayley Manning

Hayley is Augmentum’s Office Manager and PA. Prior to working at Augmentum, Hayley worked at law firm Stephenson Harwood.

Nigel Szembel

Nigel leads Public Relations and Investor Relations at Augmentum. Nigel has had an international career in corporate affairs, communications and investor relations which, over 30 years, has included responsibility for UK, regional (EMEA and Latin America) and global functions; covering high-profile public companies, private companies, prominent individuals and public bodies, primarily in the financial services sector but also taking in consumer/fashion, planning policy, arts and the environment.

Akash Bajwa

Akash is an Investor at Augmentum Fintech. Prior to joining Augmentum, Akash worked at the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund, Barclays Ventures and Deloitte. Akash studied Accounting and Finance at Cass Business School.

Outside of work, Akash enjoys writing a blog on trends in technology and venture capital, runs ‘The European Tech Club’ on Clubhouse and volunteers with networks that support more investment in impact-driven companies in the private markets. Akash always looks forward to reading great books and playing tennis with friends as a way to unwind.


Learn more about Akash in his ‘Meet the Team’ blog here.

Reginald de Wasseige

Reginald (Reggie) is an Investor at Augmentum Fintech. Reggie started his career in private equity in Belgium (his home country), at Cobepa, and went on to explore entrepreneurship through founding a software company focusing on document security for large organisations. Off the back of both experiences, VC was a natural evolution and Reggie joined ABN AMRO Ventures, the venture capital arm of the Dutch bank, and relocated to Amsterdam. This first VC position introduced him to the world of fintech and was also the start of his international adventure.

Learn more about Reggie in his “Meet the team” feature here

Fareedah Daranijo

Fareedah is Augmentum’s Digital Marketing & Operations Assistant.

Prior to joining Augmentum, Fareedah studied Business and Management at university and conducted various placements across sales, marketing and project management, including with Bosch in Germany.

Outside of work, Fareedah enjoys travelling, learning about different cities and cultures, and volunteering in the local community.