SME business banking
Monthly subscription business for technology products
UK direct-to-consumer investment platform
The UK’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company, now building a bank
Workplace savings and Net Zero Now pension business
Infrastructure for global instant payments
Cyber insurance provider targeted at SMEs
Risk management and fraud protection software
Digital, all-in-one financial and legal services platform for dealing with death and after-death services
Mobile-only current accounts and BaaS provider
Crypto exchange and financial services platform
Residential rent-to-own specialist
Digital asset lending platform
AI-driven instant supplier payment company
Salary and retirement savings solution
Improved e-commerce payment acceptance through connection of card issuers and merchants
Consumer credit refinancer
Award-winning technology disrupting small business lending
Gold and silver trading platform for private investors
Company intelligence and risk solutions for front-line teams
A diversified portfolio of pioneers in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain spaces
Automated forex trading platform governed by artificial intelligence (AI)
Capital markets trading platform
Equity crowdfunding platform
Digital asset infrastructure investment firm
Giving retail investors access to maturing whisky as an asset class
Digital mortgage broker and direct lender
Digital accounting platform
Providing families and their private offices with institutional-grade infrastructure